Hunter formulates risk mitigation strategies according to a zero-based assessment that identifies and evaluates security risks and vulnerabilities. Our risk mitigation strategies are unique to each client and address solutions to reduce significantly or eliminate vulnerabilities and challenges in a practical and effective manner. As a result, our clients can get to the business of conducting business with the assurance that their personnel can safely carry out their duties and adequately protect their trade secrets, operations and assets under any conditions and in any environment.

Hunter’s consultants are highly experienced security professionals who have lived and worked around the globe to include high-threat locations and war zones.

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HUNTER is an elite private security and consulting firm. We are the discreet go-to source for corporations in response to an increasingly complicated global environment that grows more vulnerable by the day due to:


Hostile Competitors

Organized Criminal Activity


Aggressive Acts

These groups know no borders and are well trained in carrying out sophisticated and coordinated attacks against private sector targets. Our company performs holistic consultative services to address the client’s unique and specific needs.

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Mission Statement

To provide practical and effective security consulting services and risk mitigation strategies for our clients based on professionalism, integrity and responsiveness.

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HUNTER’s vision is to be the leading global security consultancy firm by providing its clients with the most effective and reliable security advice and support at all times, while utilizing the security industry’s best practices along with the appropriate innovative techniques to best serve each individual client’s needs.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing the highest level of security consulting services to our clients and will only engage in providing services that are “best-in-class” and at the highest quality, most effective and efficient levels. HUNTER will never lower quality standards or effectiveness.

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What We Do

Armed with a vast array of security consultative services, HUNTER provides practical and strategic risk mitigation solutions. Recognizing each client and their security needs are different we formulate our risk mitigation strategies according to a zero-based assessment to identify and evaluate security vulnerabilities and then develop appropriate strategies to mitigate risk at a level that matches the client’s operational prerequisites and that best meets their operational needs.

This includes a thorough review of corporate policies and procedures, physical and technical security assessments of current operations, evaluation of hiring practices and vetting procedures of new and current employees to include contractors and third party vendors. We create solutions and risk mitigations strategies against insider threats, a complete and holistic review of IT/Cyber security, to include evaluating and provide methods for the protection of intellectual property rights and sensitive and confidential information, and product counterfeiting and piracy.

Hunter is a leader in crisis management planning. Our profesionals are adept in reviewing crisis management plans and policies, business continuity operations, conducting a wide range of threat assessments, evaluating the potential for new business opportunities, designing and performing executive protection services, establishing a variety of security protocols, developing security training programs and managing a vast array of security projects.

HUNTER also provides clients with both short- and long-term strategic analyses of current and potential future business markets and operations. Our analytic and intelligence resources provide the client with the information needed to make informed decisions when moving into new markets, countries, and other locales. This process allows our clients to make confident and wide-ranging decisions regarding future business strategies.

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Our Team

HUNTER associates, partners, and experts are versed in cutting edge-tactics, techniques and procedures in identifying corporate risk and developing practical and cost-effective risk mitigation strategies. We possess decades of experience and hail from diverse backgrounds including: U.S. Government, U.S. Military, Security Leaders in Fortune 100 companies, as well as Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement.

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